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Indiana Court Reporters Association COMMITTEES

Below are descriptions of each committee of the Indiana Court Reporters Association. INCRA invites you to join us in making this association the best it can be. Please review the committee descriptions and submit the form below to indicate which of the committees you are interested in joining. The committee chair will then contact you with more information. In the event of no committee chair, please indicate your interest in being the chair.

Thank you for your participation!

(Current chair is Tara Gandel Hudson)

  • The convention committee shall arrange the program and entertainment for the succeeding annual meeting.
  • The chairman of the convention committee may appoint such other members of the committee as may be needed to assist him/her.

(Current chair is Victoria Dudeck)

  • Explore ways member volunteers can serve the Veterans History Project.
  • Provide resources and information about Veterans History Project events to member volunteers.
  • Facilitate connections between reporters and individuals/groups who conduct interviews.
  • Promote INCRA while serving the Veterans History Project.

(Current chair is Marlana Haig)

  • Create and maintain a list of all available schools, including details of each institution.
  • Create and maintain a list of available mentors and their locations.
  • Create and maintain a list of reporters willing to work with interns in all areas of the state.
  • Present at career days, job fairs, guidance counselors.
  • Provide assistance to students in whatever ways needed.

(Current chair is Craig Williams)

  • The fundraising committee is charged with developing efforts to increase financial strength of INCRA, increase member awareness and participation in Legislative Fund line items, increase general fund income.

(No current chair)

  • The legislative committee shall have charge of all matters pertaining to legislation affecting shorthand reporters.
  • The legislative committee shall submit to the membership its recommendations on proposed legislation.
  • The legislative committee shall submit and present to the General Assembly of the State of Indiana the legislative program adopted by the membership at the annual or special meeting of the Association.
  • The legislative committee shall consist of at least three active members, and its chairman may appoint members to the committee as needed to assist him/her.

(Current chair is Victoria Dudeck)

  • The nominating committee shall submit a slate of candidates for office to the membership at the annual meeting, having first secured agreement for such candidates to serve in the office to which they are being recommended, provided that further nominations may be made from the floor after the nominating committee has presented its report.
  • The nominating committee shall consist of at least three active members, and its chairman shall be a past president of the Association.

(No current chair)

  • The membership committee shall actively solicit the eligible shorthand reporters of the State of Indiana to become members of this Association.
  • The treasurer of the association shall be a member of this committee.

(No current chair)

  • The auditing committee shall examine the accounts of the treasurer at the annual meeting of the Association and report upon the same before the close of the meeting.*
  • The auditing committee shall be composed of two active members who shall not be officers of the Association.
    *The INCRA Board may alter this slightly in the future to allow the committee to review the accounts before the annual meeting.

(Current chair is Stacy Drohosky)

  • The CSR administration committee shall administer the renewals of reporters who have applied for the voluntary CSR, with more administrative tasks coming with the passage of the legislation requiring court reporters to be certified.

(No current chair)

  • The committee will assist with planning and administering the NCRA certification exams in Indiana, serving in a northern and an Indianapolis-area location.





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