For more information about mentors, internships, schools, scholarships, or court reporting in general, please contact INCRA at

Mission Statement

Using our knowledge and resources to assist potential and/or current reporting students in meeting their graduation goals.

Committee Description

The Student Advocacy Committee is dedicated to the success of court reporting students. Our goal is to provide information necessary for students to advance through school. Whether a student is looking for a mentor, an internship, a new school, potential scholarships or simply encouragement, we want to provide it in one place so that the student can concentrate on practicing and not on searching for things we can provide. Further, the Committee will encourage professional reporters to promote the profession of reporting in a continuing effort to recruit, retain and graduate students.

Student/First Year Reporter Membership ($30):

  1. Any student confirmed to be enrolled in a verbatim stenographic reporting program shall be eligible to become a student member.
  2. Any person confirmed to be in their first year of employment as a stenographic reporter shall be eligible to become a first year reporter member.
  3. Student reporter members shall not vote.
  4. First year reporter members shall have the option to become a professional member at the professional member rate and shall have the opportunity to vote as a professional member.