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INCRA References

INCRA Bylaws


Rules and Laws Governing Reporting in Indiana

Court Reporter Handbook by Indiana Judicial Center

Indiana Code (in its entirety)

Specific codes related to court reporting

Indiana Rules of Trial Procedure (in its entirety)

Specific Indiana Rules of Trial Procedure related to court reporting:

Indiana Rules of Appellate Procedure (in its entirety)

Specific Indiana Rules of Appellate Procedure related to court reporting:


2010 COURT REPORTER FEES PER PAGE (Officials’ rates)

Notary Public information

Indiana Rules of Evidence (in its entirety)


NCRA References

NCRA Certification Center



Court Reporting Associations

National Court Reporters Association

United States Court Reporters Association

Society for the Technological Advancement of Reporting

National Verbatim Reporters Association

Other State Associations











Law References


Courts / Congress

  • Courts of the United States, Canada, and Australia.
    Access court websites — state, federal, and territorial — including current law codes / local rules for each jurisdiction. (site no longer available)
  • Library of Congress – Thomas and the Law Library.
    The Library’s Thomas page (named for Jefferson, of course), accesses pending legislation, congressional committee actions and schedules.
    The Law Library is an extensive guide to law on line.
    Law Library
  • United States Congress
    These are the legislative branch’s home pages, with information on members of Congress, committees, and current legislation.
    The Senate
    The House of Representatives


Medical Dictionaries / Drug Trade Names



    The National Institutes of Health Medical Encyclopedia, is an authoritative resource.
  • IPL: The Internet Public Library
    This on-line virtual public library covers a wide range of subjects, and is one of the deeper and richer information resources freely available. Sponsored by the University of Michigan.
  • The International [foreign language] Dictionary
    Need to find the spelling of a foreign word or phrase?
    This resource spans 280 [!] languages. It’s also an invaluable English resource, including thesaurus functions and etymologies.
  • Wikipedia
    Free Encyclopedia.
  • Technical Jargon / Electronics / Internet Glossaries
    Select alphabetically to find out what “geeky tech-talk” means, or how to spell it.   Valuable definitions explain not only what’s new, but old standbys which we really should all understand.